Will public golf course in LA be redeveloped for housing?

golf course at sunset

There’s such a need for affordable housing in Los Angeles that some are looking at the land used for public golf courses as an option to be explored.


Meltdown at US Open

You have to feel bad for him, but this is soooo lame . . .


Coolest hole-in-one ever?

Jack Nicklaus’s grandson, Gary, nails a hole-in-one during he Par 3 tournament at The Masters!


How a Golf School Can Improve More Than Just Your Game

golfing at sunset

As any avid golfer knows, the key to a good game of golf is more than just raw talent or the best club; it takes plenty of practice as well. But more than that, it takes a willingness to learn, a keen eye for the prize, and enrolling at a national instruction school such as Bird Golf to take advantage of professional instructors.
It’s obvious, enrolling in a golf school can more than improve your current techniques, and can even allow you to perfect that swing you never thought possible. But, it can also do much, much more. Golf school can, in fact, improve more than just your game. It can open up a host of opportunities that will benefit you both on and off the green.

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Brooks Koepka win the 2017 U.S. Open

The course at Erin Hills was long with wide fairways with no tree hazards, so the scores were much better than you would expect for a U.S. Open. The course was perfect for Brooks Koepka who brought home the trophy.