The British Open celebrates golf history at St. Andrews

ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND - JULY 15: General View of an Open Championship flag during the first round of the 139th Open Championship on the Old Course, St Andrews on July 15, 2010 in St Andrews, Scotland. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

The professional golf scene today is mostly centered on stateside competition, but the game’s historic roots are overseas, and this week marks one of the game’s oldest and most prestigious competitions – the British Open.

The Canadian Press had a great interview with Arnold Palmer, one of the first American players to play on the Old Course at St. Andrews.

“I felt that if you were going to be a champion, you couldn’t be a champion without playing in the Open and hopefully winning the Open,” [Palmer] said. “So that was part of the whole program for what I was doing.”

Palmer won the Masters and U.S. Open in 1960. On his way to St. Andrews for his first British Open, a conversation with sports writer Bob Drum led Palmer to effectively create the modern version of the Grand Slam.

He finished one shot behind Kel Nagle. Palmer won his claret jugs at Royal Birkdale in 1961 and Royal Troon in 1962.

Even so, St. Andrews remains a big part of his life. Palmer was given an honorary degree at the St. Andrews University on Tuesday. The only disappointment was not getting to play in the “Champions Challenge” because of bad weather Wednesday.

The Bleacher Report also put together a nice preview of the field this year. As the article states, with 49 of the top 50 players on the field this week, it’s sure to be an exciting tournament. Will Tiger be able to regain the mental determination that led him to so many victories? Will Justin Rose and his perfect rhythm net another win this year?

If you’re interested in getting to the Open, or just getting to the Old Course some time soon, Wikitravel has a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your St. Andrews experience.

Getting the Best and Cheapest Flights to London

Flying to London for work or play can be very exciting. It’s less exciting if you spend too much, so you’ll want to find a low-cost flight if you can. Even if you can comfortably spend the money on a higher-priced option there’s really no need to. It’s better to get a lower price and save the extra money you would’ve spent on a plane ticket to shop in London for souvenirs. When you want to get the cheapest flights to London, you’ll also want to get good flights. It’s not a wise choice to fly with an airline you’ve never heard of, and you might have specific days you won’t be able to fly on.

If your trip is for business, even a day’s change in scheduling to get a better rate might not be possible. If you’re traveling for pleasure, some adjustments may save you a lot of money. Book as early as you can to get a lower price. Many airlines will offer you a better rate when you book early, but you still may want to check with several of the airlines that fly to your destination in order to find the one that has the best rate for you.

Keep in mind that the price isn’t the only issue. If you have to fly to London at a time that would be very inconvenient for you, it may be better to choose a different flight, even if it costs a little bit more. Especially if you’re traveling for business and someone is meeting you at the airport, it wouldn’t be wise to arrive in London in the middle of the night. Getting in during the workday makes a lot more sense. Keep the time difference in mind when you’re looking to see what time your flight would leave.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 from Wii

Tiger Woods might be having trouble in his personal life, and it may be affecting him on the links, but he’s his old robotic self in the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 from Wii.

The game gets a great review from IGN, provided you have MotionPlus.

Last year’s Tiger Woods wasn’t just a great playing game of golf, it was a pretty awesome showcase for Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus peripheral. The company was clearly so proud about what it accomplished, it even beat Nintendo to the punch as the first game on the market to support the motion device. Armed with all that Wii MotionPlus knowhow, the Wii Tiger Woods team set out to improve an already fantastic golfing experience with the yearly follow-up. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 might not be a massive step up from the previous incarnation, the game is a significant improvement and there’s a ton to enjoy even if you’ve plowed through last year’s 2010 edition.

It’s not the real deal, but it’s a fun way to pass the time at home.

Personal Appearance and the Job Interview

Millions of people everyday are looking for employment. There are dozens of people applying for the same positions and this makes finding a job all the more difficult. Perhaps you have a top notch education and a stunning resume with the better references you can find, but all that won’t always guarantee you a job. Sometimes in the search for employment it’s about the smaller things. One of those smaller things is your personal appearance. In a field of top level candidates, or run of the mill people for a minimum wage job, how you dress can mean just as much as the application in your hand.

First things first. Everyone should have a good outfit for interviews and job hunting. There is no way around this. Making the choice to buy some designer clothes to wear for job hunting purposes makes sense. The fact that you came in dressed better than the other applicants can say to employers that you want the job more than they do.

If you are a guy, then making sure that your face is well kept and groomed properly matters. Five o’clock shadow may be a fun style but few guys can make it look elegant and professional. So take the time to have a clean and close shave the morning of an interview so that when you walk in your face looks ready for employment. If you have a beard make sure you are educated in how to groom it. If you do not know how then make sure that you go see a professional to have it groomed.

Ladies, it’s important that you apply the right amount of makeup. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the makeup isn’t noticeable. If you can do that and present the best looking version of yourself you may be looking at a new job.

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