Personal Appearance and the Job Interview

Millions of people everyday are looking for employment. There are dozens of people applying for the same positions and this makes finding a job all the more difficult. Perhaps you have a top notch education and a stunning resume with the better references you can find, but all that won’t always guarantee you a job. Sometimes in the search for employment it’s about the smaller things. One of those smaller things is your personal appearance. In a field of top level candidates, or run of the mill people for a minimum wage job, how you dress can mean just as much as the application in your hand.

First things first. Everyone should have a good outfit for interviews and job hunting. There is no way around this. Making the choice to buy some designer clothes to wear for job hunting purposes makes sense. The fact that you came in dressed better than the other applicants can say to employers that you want the job more than they do.

If you are a guy, then making sure that your face is well kept and groomed properly matters. Five o’clock shadow may be a fun style but few guys can make it look elegant and professional. So take the time to have a clean and close shave the morning of an interview so that when you walk in your face looks ready for employment. If you have a beard make sure you are educated in how to groom it. If you do not know how then make sure that you go see a professional to have it groomed.

Ladies, it’s important that you apply the right amount of makeup. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the makeup isn’t noticeable. If you can do that and present the best looking version of yourself you may be looking at a new job.

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