GNUCash For All of Your Accounting Needs

If you are running a business during this recession you know how great free stuff can be. Fortunately for companies that rely on software like openoffice and filezilla for creating and transferring documents from one place to another, there is also free open source software that can help keep track of basic business expenses. Accounting software is extremely vital to a company as it allows for all imperative financial information to be recorded.

Unfortunately, its high cost can frequently cause business owners to take on this responsibility without the use of helpful accounting tools which can have extremely dire results for a business. Miscalculations, questionable mistakes, and other unusual issues may even get your business audited.

This is exactly why GnuCash was created. This open-source small-business or even personal accounting software can handle just about any accounting issue you toss its way.

-Financial Calculations
-Double-Entry Accounting
-Bonds, Stocks and Mutual Fund Accounts
-Scheduled Transactions
-Reports and Graphs
-Transaction Matching
-Small-Business Accounting
-Customers, Vendors, and Jobs management
-Accounts Receivable

And still more. GnuCash is based on the best accounting principles that will help ensure that your businesses books stay accurate and your reports reflect the correct information.

You don’t have to own a small business to need a program like GnuCash. Use this free program to budget your weekly paychecks, plan ahead for your Holiday budget this year, and any other aspects of your personal or family financial expenditures. Use it to create chore charts and graphs or even a helpful point system to keep those children in full awareness of their responsibilities and their rewards.

If you are one of those folks who hates to balance your checkbook, quite frustrating yourself scrawling letters and numbers into that tiny checkbook, and start using GnuCash to keep up with your checking and savings.

Don’t forget too that GnuCash can help you keep track of your stocks, bonds, and mutual accounts as well as their subsequent returns.

Donald Trump tests his brand on golf courses

Donald Trump has plastered his name on countless products, and now he’s trying to take advantage of the real estate recession by picking up golf courses on the cheap.

Donald Trump is betting his name will boost the value of his golf courses even as the premium for the brand declines on condo properties and ratings slide on his show, The Apprentice. The real estate developer turned TV personality has acquired nine golf properties in the U.S., including four since 2008. In July he started building a £750 million ($1.15 billion) golf course and resort in Scotland.

Trump says putting his name on the courses increases membership and the fees he can charge. Elsewhere, the record is mixed. The Trump name hasn’t prevented the failure of real estate developments in Florida and Mexico. Nor has it helped his New York condos sell for more than comparable apartments in the city, according to Sofia Song, vice-president for research at, which compiles real estate listings. At the same time, Trump’s hotels in New York and Chicago are outperforming their competition based on occupancy rates and room prices.

With the Trump name appearing on vodka, health products, mattresses, furniture, cuff links, shirts, ties, and a seminar company, the brand has been devalued, says Josh Feldmeth, chief executive officer of the New York division of consulting firm Interbrand. “He has cashed out.”

The article goes on to explain that there are disagreements on the value of Trumps brand. The golf lifestyle demographic seems to be in Trump’s sweet spot, so this branding push might make sense.

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