It’s a whole new game in the golf world

We seem to be entering into a new era in golf, and that will affect everyone from the casual fan to tournament sponsors to golf betters in Vegas. Tiger Woods has dominated the game of golf for so long that many people are accustomed to the notion of one dominant player being chased by everyone else in the field. Tiger Woods is an international icon, and his involvement in a tournament boosted ratings and affected sponsorships. Many of the other golf pros were also intimidated by his game.

All of that seems to be changing. It had to change some time – every athlete starts to get older and sees his skills decline. But with Tiger we’ve seen a stunning series of events that have knocked him off his perch.

If you like to bet on golf you need to get used to this “new normal.” Recently, you had a young kid, Rory McIroy, win the US Open after blowing The Masters. Then you had a guy like Darren Clarke win the British Open. Everything is changing, so there’s much more uncertainty. TV ratings are down, but for the golf purists this might be more interesting.


Caddie Steve Williams – The Best Week of His Life

It seems like quite a bit of hyperbole, but caddy Steve Williams was pretty happy after Adam Scott’s victory at Firestone. After his well-publicized breakup with Tiger Woods, many have interpreted his comments as a shot at Tiger.

UPDATE: Williams is getting hammered for his self-centered comments.


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