Golf Betting Dynamics Changing Rapidly

It was only a couple of years ago that Tiger Woods was the biggest overlay in all of sports as the golfer the masses would flock to each weekend for what they believed to be easy money. Woods had his name atop the Official World Golf Ranking for years on end and golf betting basically came down to who was the second choice after Woods.

It has taken the general betting public a year to catch on to the fact that Woods was nothing but a myth of the past and that his days of dominating golf were completely over. A new era has arrived in golf betting that is all about a fine crop of new players that adds significant parity and balance to a sport that needed it.

Betting on golf comes down to far more than who is going to win the next tournament. While you can certainly play those odds you can also get odds on different matchup pairings between the golfers as well as futures odds on the major tournaments as well as proposition bets on scores and such rarities as a hole in one.

Woods was always a highly popular choice on all of those different wagering options as he had a larger than life reputation that indeed turned into a myth that sustained itself for 2 years after his infamous fall on Thanksgiving weekend of 2009. Beyond the collapse of his phony image that he used to make hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements and the destruction of his marriage; Woods has also had to deal with injuries that are decimating his ability to perform.

Woods has suffered an epic fall in which he went from number one on the Official World Golf Ranking all the way down to 55th. A new breed of names starting in order of ranking with Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Rory McIlroy, Steve Stricker, and Dustin Johnson is where the action is for the new facts of golf betting life.

Handicappers are now looking at new dynamics that they didn’t care about when Woods was at the peak of his game such as board value. With Woods, the golf betting price was irrelevant but without him it is among the most important factors to consider. Matchups between golfers are now even and a new champion seems to win every week which makes this era the best ever.


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