Poker Strategies That Work

It can be quite the challenge matching up to fellow players around the Poker table. Players are usually of varying skillsets and experience, and all employing different strategies to get the better of you. Poker is a socially stimulating activity that can also be enjoyed with friends to wind-down after an intense round of golf. Showing your golf buddies that your talents extend beyond the “green” is just as rewarding as the light-hearted social competition.

Remember Not Every Hand is Playable

Rookie poker players often make the huge mistake of playing every hand. It is important to remember that not every hand you are dealt in the game will be playable. It is okay to fold a hand every once in a while. This will not only save you money, but could help you develop a playing strategy for other hands.

Bluff When There is a Need to Bluff

There is this huge fantasy image of poker players sitting around a table bluffing every hand, but that is far from the truth. A good poker player will only bluff when there is a need to bluff. Remember, not every player will react to your bluff and if you bluff too many times you lose the advantage.

Walk Away From a Hand if You Are Losing

Poker players in the USA, especially new ones, have this belief that if they have already started playing a hand they need to ‘ride it out’. That is a strategy that will not only have you losing a lot of money, but one that will find you out of the game quickly.
The game of poker is unpredictable. Hands that look like they might be playable sometimes turn into unplayable hands. A good strategy to use is if the hand looks unplayable get out. It is easier to cut your losses early, then to invest more money in an unplayable and losing hand.

Leave All Emotions at Home

Whether you are playing in an online casino or at a casino’s tournament table, it is important to make sure that you leave all emotions at home. Never play poker when you are angry, sad, or extremely emotional. These emotions can overwhelm you and cause you to play hands that you might otherwise have sat out on. Save money and leave your emotions at home.

You can earn a little extra cash when you play poker in USA, but only if you play with a winning strategy. These poker strategies can help guide you to becoming a winning poker player that earns a little extra cash.


Shaving Off a Few Strokes From Your Driver

Since the late 19th century Americans having being fascinated by a sport that is essentially about using a stick to hit a tiny ball as far as you possibly can. Golf began to become more commonly popular through the 1920’s. Nowadays you can see everyday individuals, celebrities, and even rock stars out still trying to find that magic of how to hit a tiny ball as far as they can. One of the best ways someone can find that magic is by learning to use their driving club properly.

A driver club is one of your most important tools, and takes more skill to use properly because of all the clubs they have the lowest loft or angling that allows for control when hitting the ball. When you use a driver have the ball teed up and you will want it sitting more forward in your stance. Once the ball is positioned correctly forward, make sure you have more weight on your back leg, and lower your back shoulder to achieve a cleaner more fluid swing.

The speed with which you hit the ball will be important as well because this is what will give it the distance you are looking for. For greater speed make sure your grip is lighter, the club should feel a little heavy in your hand. Having a slightly looser grip will allow your body and the club to move more freely, which will give you the momentum you want to create that killer swing.

A few tips from Golf Info Guide about hitting with your driver are:
• Tee the ball a little higher.
• Make sure your feet are a little wider than your shoulders.
• The ball should be sitting opposite from your left heel.
• When swinging, try to turn until your back faces the ball.
• Make sure to transfer your weight properly through the drive.

Taking individual golf lessons is really important too. There are some basic skills you can learn by reading books, watching video and such. But everyone will have their little nuances that can create bad habits like how they stand, lack of follow through, not keeping their head down, and even more personal behaviors that can only be corrected by a professional who is watching and working with you.

The reality is you will spend hundreds of dollars for new clubs, and maybe as much in green fees and it can all be a waste of money and time if you are just playing with the same bad habits over and over. A private lesson can give you 30 minutes to an hour each time with a pro, and can cost as little as $25. It is worth the money in the long run to get it right in the beginning.

Once you have the mechanics down you can really enjoy a good game of golf. You can also use sites like American Golf to find new and engaging courses to play on. Like Arnold Palmer once said, “What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.”


The story behind the Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer is a classic drink that mixes iced tea and lemonade. ESPN’s 30 for 30 series just did a short film explaining the history.


The US Open Top 3: What They Did After

It has now been several months since the 2012 US Open concluded, with Webb Simpson winning the event despite shooting an overall score of one over par. It would be fair to say that this particular major tournament asks players much more different questions than any other competition on the calendar and this means that some weird and wonderful scores are generally posted. Now is the time to look at the best betting offers for the rest of the season.

In the end, Simpson won the event by just one shot – with Graeme McDowell and Michael Thompson finishing in joint 2nd. Over five months on from this, we’ll no take a look at the top three players from the tournament and see if their season did kick on following their success.

Webb Simpson

Over the past few years many people have held high expectations for Simpson, who carved out a hugely successful career on the amateur circuit before turning professional in 2008. While he had never really come close to winning a major championship, he did have other successes to his name including several PGA Tour wins as well as the small matter of finishing 2nd on the money list for the tour.

Many thought that his slender chances in the US masters betting would provide him with the impetus to catapult him into even bigger success. However, it would be fair to say that his form has been dire since the tournament and while personal reasons were to blame for his absence in the British Open, his other results were poor to say the least. He was never in contention in the PGA Championship and missed the cut, while he blew a two stroke lead in the final round of the Greenbrier Classic. Bearing this in mind, it’s clear to see that while the US Open will have done wonders for Simpson’s CV, he still has a lot of work to do to become one of the world’s elite.

Graeme McDowell

It could be said that much less pressure was on the shoulders of Graeme McDowell as he went into the final round of the US Open, as this is one player who has already experienced a fantastic amount of success. He’d already won the US Open two years previously, while he has appeared in the top ten world rankings on numerous occasions.

This past success appears to have helped McDowell respond positively following his impressive finish. He was in contention for the British Open up until the final day and will have been very happy with his final finish of 5th. He also finished just outside the top ten in the PGA Championship and while other tournaments were not quite as friendly, his performance in major events was overall exceptionally good.

Michael Thompson

Thompson is a player who comes from the same era as Simpson, although it has to be said that the latter is much more accomplished both on the amateur scene and now the professional circuit. Many people were amazed to see Thompson battling in the top places for the US Open and judging by recent results, it’s no surprise to see that a lot are suggesting that his performance was a mere flash in the pan. He has gone on to miss five cuts out of nine tournaments, while his best finish was 10th in The McGladrey Classic.


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