Great Ways to Stay Up to Date on Sports in 2014


Because the sports world is constantly changing it can be a challenge to stay current on the newest NFL trade rumors, MLB free agent signings or PGA Tour information. Luckily, the advent of new technology including smartphones and tablets makes access to up to the minute sports news as easy as pushing an app’s desktop icon. Always be within a click of the most recent sports news with the best blogs, websites and applications for 2014.

1. ESPN:

Billed as the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN is your go-to destination for up to the minute sports information. Whether it be through your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone the ESPN website and mobile application can be customized to your favorite sports teams. Get the scores you need while you are on the road or away from the television and never miss a highlight with the app’s state of the art video player.

2. Bleacher Report:

Covering everything from the Olympics to UFC to Golf, Bleacher Report strives to deliver interesting, creative and accurate sports related content to millions of readers. Instead of focusing on news stories that have been rehashed over and over again on other websites, Bleacher Report offers intelligent analysis through previews and predictions of upcoming games while tackling controversial topics and answering your burning sports related questions.

3. MLBTradeRumors:

Despite being a relative newcomer to the sports reporting industry, MLBTradeRumors is quickly becoming a popular destination for athletes, general managers and journalists to visit to receive the latest baseball news. Instead of reporting unsubstantiated baseball related rumors, the website has built a reputation for being one of the most accurate, reliable and trustworthy source of information. In addition to offering rumors relating to every team in baseball, the writers on the website tackle controversial and interesting topics including steroids in baseball, the collective bargaining agreement and much more.

4. YouWin:

Sports news from YouWin keeps you updated with the latest news in every sport to help you make educated sports betting decisions. Specializing in football, rugby, cricket and basketball among many other sports, YouWin makes betting easy by offering the latest news and previews that could impact upcoming games.

5. PGA Tour App:

If golf is your game then do not leave the house without the PGA Tour App downloaded on your phone or tablet. Despite being a free app, it offers excellent video coverage of recent tournaments, player stats, real time scoring information and much more. Best of all, the app offers live video for many of the major PGA Tour tournaments.

6. CBS Sports App:

Not only does this app offer coverage of mainstream sports within the US, but also it offers video highlights and previews of international matches too. Customize the app to deliver the latest news on your favorite teams and program it to receive push button notifications when a major event occurs.

Download these apps and bookmark these websites to be on the fast track for instantaneous sports information no matter where you are. Start the New Year on the right foot with these tools for staying up to date on sports in 2014.

China gears up to compete in golf

ID-100190329 By anekoho - asian woman golfer
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We’ve seen what China can do when it sets its sights on competing in an Olympic sport. Well, get ready for Chinese golfers to start have an impact in the decades to come. With the Olympics adding golf the Chinese are fully engaged in developing young talent. Meanwhile the country is hosting high profile tournaments with large cash prizes that are luring golf’s elite. But behind the scenes the Chinese are hard at work.

If it seems strange that China should be the locus for so much high-caliber golf, get used to it. By the year 2020, when golf will make its second modern-era Olympic appearance at the Tokyo games, after Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Chinese players will likely be serious contenders for medals. The world’s pro tours will almost certainly be populated by Chinese stars, and China’s Hainan Island, on the same latitude as Hawaii, could be the world’s busiest golf destination.

The Chinese are serious. “You know how the Chinese love gold medals,” semi-joked Ken Chu, chief executive of the Mission Hills Group, which so far has built 22 golf courses in China, 10 of them on Hainan Island, and hosts more than 500 amateur and junior amateur tournaments a year. Guan and the country’s latest prodigy, Ye Wocheng, who was 12 when he played in a European Tour event in May, train at Mission Hills.

“Golf is a game that the Chinese believe we can excel at, because it’s more an IQ game than a muscular game,” Chu said. “I mean, how often do you get a Yao Ming (the former 7-foot-6 NBA star) becoming a national hero? But golf, no matter what height you are or how much you weigh, is still mostly mental.”

Pro golfers should welcome this challenge, as the amount of money in this sport will skyrocket with the Chinese getting involved. We’ve seen golf become very popular in other Asian countries so we’ll probably see the same here with the Olympic powers behind this push.

Golf styles for colder weather


We’re getting to that time of the year that golfers in many parts of the country and around the world start to dread. Golf on a beautiful fall day can be spectacular as the leaves start changing and the crisp fall air gives you an energy boost. But those days aren’t the norm, as in many locations the cold rain starts to show up, along with much colder days when the sun is nowhere to be found. It’s a stark change from those hot summer days when you’re playing in shorts and sweating through your shirt after only a few holes. Also, in many locations winter is around the corner, meaning you have to put those golf clubs away unless you’re planning a golf junket out to a warm golf resort.

With the change in the seasons and the cooler weather, you need different golf gear of course as your shorts and polo shirt just won’t do. Of course it’s also an excuse to check out some of the latest styles and shop golf clothing online at Funciton18 and other golf retailers. The photo above has one of the effective golf windstoppers from Galvin Green you can find at the website. You’ll see they have a ton of colors available as golf clothing is getting more colorful just like other clothing styles. I’m partial to the more classic and understated look of the gray and black item above. It’s a very light, flexible jacket with excellent breathability and windblocking properties so you can also wear that jacket in all sorts of casual settings, not just on the course. This windproof half zip golf jacket is made from lightweight Gore WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell fabric and features a soft collar, elasticated cuffs and a drawstring hem. Browse through the store and you’ll be prepared for these fall days on the links.

Golf styles evolve


Golfers as a whole are not necessarily the most stylish group of people. It’s a traditional game, and much of the clothing is very traditional. But if you’re paying attention to the pro golfers this weekend at Firestone, you’ll see that many of them, particularly the younger golfers, are embracing the newer styles we’re seeing in men’s clothing. The baggy look has been gone for years, and now the pants and shirts are much tighter. The younger and slimmer guys can look great in these new styles, while guys with a pot belly have to be pretty disappointed in these new trends.

So as you head out onto the links this summer, consider upgrading your golf wardrobe with the latest looks. You can click here to shop Galvin Green for one of the best brands in golf. The selection of golf shirts is excellent and you’ll surely find something that fits your tastes. You’ll see that they emphasize an athletic cut so if you’re in shape they’ll make you look great. They have some great waterproof golf jackets as well. By shopping for golf clothes from online store Function18, you’ll be able to choose from so many top brands like Boss and Adidas as well. Selection is important, as even with new styles you need to find something that works for you. You don’t need to mimic Rory McIlroy, but rather browse all of the new looks and see which ones you like best.

So throw out those old baggy shirts and slacks and hit the links in style this summer.

Golf Channel’s Win McMurry is a celebrity WAG

It’s probably old news, but we just heard that blonde beauty Win McMurry from The Golf Channel is dating Michael Phelps. Follow her on Twitter here.

Review of Golden Tour golf slots game

golf irons

When it comes to the most popular sports, golf has to be one of those which rank right up there at the very top, as it’s appeal has spread across much of the world. This global appeal explains why there are so many golfing themed casino slots games, because obviously there is a sizable customer base of golf betting fans eager for inventive slots games combining these two passions. One of these golfing games is Golden Tour, which is a five reel slot with video graphics, but is it a game that hits the fairway or the rough?

The game certainly boasts genuine visual appeal, as reels full of such familiar golf paraphernalia as shoes, bags, carts and balls are set against a backdrop of a golf course on a sunny, blue sky day. This is oddly calming for a sporting slot, many of which opt to try and suggest raw excitement with their graphics, but it is attractive and provides an interesting contrast with most sports slots layouts. The golden double golf ball reel icons are also the wild icons for this game, and they can replace either the bronze or silver golf ball ones on a reel to give you a winning line.

The bonus games offered by Golden Tour are another area where the game really score highly, as they combine the virtues of being entertaining in their own right and also increasing your chances of winning something playing the slot. The first of these is activated when you get at least three duck, gopher or fish icons, and sees you choosing an iron, putter or driver club for the golfer – and you win a bonus prize based on the quality of his shot. The other bonus game is called Dollar Ball, and this gives you the chance to play for a progressive jackpot, as you choose any five numbers between 49 and 1, spin the reels, and win a payout based on how many of those numbers pop up on the reels. Between high quality graphics, two fun bonus games and a strong chance of winning something, it is no wonder that Golden Tour has scored a hole in one with golf fans. You can play these games and some of the other best mobile casinos at

Bubba Watson discusses The Masters

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Bubba Watson visited Morning Joe to discuss The Masters along with the hovercraft golf cart developed with Oakley.

Golf Baby – The video

This video is hilarious, as this little toddler never misses as he whacks at plastic golf balls in the basement. Is he the next Tiger Woods?

Golfing for women

So much golf content is geared towards men, so it’s always cool when we find a golf site to feature that is geared towards women. Check out the Golf Girl’s Diary, and excellent site by Patricia Hannigan that focuses on a wide variety of topics, including golf gear, history, news, pros and more. The writing is excellent and she comes up with stories you won’t find on traditional golf sites.

Poker Strategies That Work

It can be quite the challenge matching up to fellow players around the Poker table. Players are usually of varying skillsets and experience, and all employing different strategies to get the better of you. Poker is a socially stimulating activity that can also be enjoyed with friends to wind-down after an intense round of golf. Showing your golf buddies that your talents extend beyond the “green” is just as rewarding as the light-hearted social competition.

Remember Not Every Hand is Playable

Rookie poker players often make the huge mistake of playing every hand. It is important to remember that not every hand you are dealt in the game will be playable. It is okay to fold a hand every once in a while. This will not only save you money, but could help you develop a playing strategy for other hands.

Bluff When There is a Need to Bluff

There is this huge fantasy image of poker players sitting around a table bluffing every hand, but that is far from the truth. A good poker player will only bluff when there is a need to bluff. Remember, not every player will react to your bluff and if you bluff too many times you lose the advantage.

Walk Away From a Hand if You Are Losing

Poker players in the USA, especially new ones, have this belief that if they have already started playing a hand they need to ‘ride it out’. That is a strategy that will not only have you losing a lot of money, but one that will find you out of the game quickly.
The game of poker is unpredictable. Hands that look like they might be playable sometimes turn into unplayable hands. A good strategy to use is if the hand looks unplayable get out. It is easier to cut your losses early, then to invest more money in an unplayable and losing hand.

Leave All Emotions at Home

Whether you are playing in an online casino or at a casino’s tournament table, it is important to make sure that you leave all emotions at home. Never play poker when you are angry, sad, or extremely emotional. These emotions can overwhelm you and cause you to play hands that you might otherwise have sat out on. Save money and leave your emotions at home.

You can earn a little extra cash when you play poker in USA, but only if you play with a winning strategy. These poker strategies can help guide you to becoming a winning poker player that earns a little extra cash.

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