Looking ahead to the 2016 Masters

It was an interesting year in 2015 with the collapse of Tiger Woods and the emergence of a new generation of superstars. The golf landscape is changing and it will be interesting to see if 2016 build on those changes or if Tiger and Phil can force at least a temporary return to the ways things used to be.

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Tips to help you plan your boys golfing holiday


Golf is a popular sport and golfing holidays are a great way of combining a relaxing break with a sporting activity. To ensure that a golfing trip goes well you need to plan ahead. Brochures and websites can look very appealing, but as with any other holiday you need to have done your homework before you commit to a booking.

A golfing holiday can be a good way of trying out a range of golf courses, but choosing just which golf courses can be difficult. This is where a good golf tour operator can be helpful. They will have helped many people to book their golfing holidays and so will have a good idea of which golf courses are popular and why. You might also know friends who have been on golfing holidays and they will be able to tell you which golf courses they found difficult or easy and which ones they found the most enjoyable. If you have golfers on the trip with a range of abilities, you should check if the courses will be suitable for golfers of all standards, or alternatively if there is the option of several golf courses with some that would suit those golfers who are less experienced. If the group consists of experienced golfers only then you may want to go for a championship course that will really challenge their skills.

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Looking after your eyes in the sun

golf clubs at sunset

Many things can affect the health of your eyes – from poor overall health, to diabetes, to simple old age – but nothing will affect your vision quite like direct exposure to the sun.

Failing to protect your eyes properly during long periods in bright sunlight has even been shown by some studies to contribute towards macular degeneration or cataracts, due to damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunbathing and using sunbeds can be especially detrimental, but being outside playing sports or walking for long periods – or even activities that combine both, such as golf – can be just as risky.

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Single mature golfer getting back into dating

sunrise on golf course

When it comes down to golf, many of us enjoy the idea of being able to practice our favourite sport away from the stresses that everyday life has to offer. Taking a break from the wife or the family is a necessity and makes us a better person when we come home. But not all of us have got a partner to come back home to.

Being a mature single person

When we reach our 40’s and 50’s, most people imagine that we have a life partner at home waiting for us. But there are many reasons why some of us are still single in our mature years. Some of us have chosen to be single as a lifestyle, having no orders to take from anyone and living by our own rules. Others have had single life imposed to them, following a divorce or the passing of our previous partner.

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The Ryder Cup mess for the US

Phil Mickelson took some heat after publicly calling out Tom Watson for his strategy following another Ryder Cup debacle. For many of us who weren’t following closely, Mickelson came across as being pretty obnoxious.

But then word got out on how Tom Watson had actually behaved, and how poorly he led his team. Watson has always had a sterling reputation, but he came across very badly with how he treated his team. It was amazing to see opinions on this matter shift so quickly, and Watson ended up issuing a statement where he essentially apologized for his behavior.

The upshot is that Mickelson’s criticisms are now being taken very seriously, and the entire process of picking Ryder Cup captains is being evaluated. And that’s a good thing. The performance of team USA has been pretty lame, and it’s time to have a more logical and professional process. Let’s hope that then leads to better play and some wins.