Rory Mcllroy needs more focus

What has happened to Rory Mcllroy? That’s one of the biggest questions in pro golf these days, right along with questions about Tiger Woods and his state of mind. These questions highlight the biggest truism in golf – the importance of the mental aspect of the game. Of course the fundamentals like your swing are critical, but nothing messes with a swing more than a mental or emotional distraction. It’s the sort of thing that will drive you crazy if you’re trying to pick tournament winners with online sports betting.

This latest tidbit of news raises new questions about Rory. He’s getting rid of his old management team and forming his own management company, Rory McIlroy Inc., to handle his business interests. This is the second time in two years that Rory is under new management.

Sometimes, small issues can become big issues, and you have to wonder if the business side of golf, along with dealing with all the fame, have taken their toll on Rory. Celebrity status alone can be a major distraction. Being hailed as the heir to Tiger Woods doesn’t help either. But it’s sometimes smaller things behind the scenes, like issues with your managers and handlers, that can also lead to serious distractions.

With Rory it’s all speculation. It’s not like he’s dealing with a major meltdown like Tiger faced with his divorce and the tabloid fallout from his affairs. Tiger has never been the same player. He went from one of the best clutch putters ever in majors to someone who could blow a round with putting mistakes. That’s the result of mental distractions.

The issue with Rory is much harder to pin down, but it seems like he needs a level of stability in his life off the links and he’s not getting that right now.

All of this serves as a lesson for people who love to pick golf winners. When betting on one individual’s performance, the mental side is critical but also very hard to predict.

It also serves as a well-known but critically important lesson for anyone playing golf. You need to learn how to leave your troubles or anxieties off the golf course. Clear your mind, and enjoy the experience. It will help your game immensely.

Golf styles evolve


Golfers as a whole are not necessarily the most stylish group of people. It’s a traditional game, and much of the clothing is very traditional. But if you’re paying attention to the pro golfers this weekend at Firestone, you’ll see that many of them, particularly the younger golfers, are embracing the newer styles we’re seeing in men’s clothing. The baggy look has been gone for years, and now the pants and shirts are much tighter. The younger and slimmer guys can look great in these new styles, while guys with a pot belly have to be pretty disappointed in these new trends.

So as you head out onto the links this summer, consider upgrading your golf wardrobe with the latest looks. You can click here to shop Galvin Green for one of the best brands in golf. The selection of golf shirts is excellent and you’ll surely find something that fits your tastes. You’ll see that they emphasize an athletic cut so if you’re in shape they’ll make you look great. They have some great waterproof golf jackets as well. By shopping for golf clothes from online store Function18, you’ll be able to choose from so many top brands like Boss and Adidas as well. Selection is important, as even with new styles you need to find something that works for you. You don’t need to mimic Rory McIlroy, but rather browse all of the new looks and see which ones you like best.

So throw out those old baggy shirts and slacks and hit the links in style this summer.

Golf Channel’s Win McMurry is a celebrity WAG

It’s probably old news, but we just heard that blonde beauty Win McMurry from The Golf Channel is dating Michael Phelps. Follow her on Twitter here.

Has Tiger lost his ruthlessness?

Tiger Woods Firestone - 1GLB

The questions were inevitable. As Tiger Woods continues to falter in Major championships, particularly with his failing putter, many are focusing on the mental aspect of his game. Tiger was once the most competitive and ruthless golfer out there. Is that still the case? Read the article for more analysis.

Review of Golden Tour golf slots game

golf irons

When it comes to the most popular sports, golf has to be one of those which rank right up there at the very top, as it’s appeal has spread across much of the world. This global appeal explains why there are so many golfing themed casino slots games, because obviously there is a sizable customer base of golf betting fans eager for inventive slots games combining these two passions. One of these golfing games is Golden Tour, which is a five reel slot with video graphics, but is it a game that hits the fairway or the rough?

The game certainly boasts genuine visual appeal, as reels full of such familiar golf paraphernalia as shoes, bags, carts and balls are set against a backdrop of a golf course on a sunny, blue sky day. This is oddly calming for a sporting slot, many of which opt to try and suggest raw excitement with their graphics, but it is attractive and provides an interesting contrast with most sports slots layouts. The golden double golf ball reel icons are also the wild icons for this game, and they can replace either the bronze or silver golf ball ones on a reel to give you a winning line.

The bonus games offered by Golden Tour are another area where the game really score highly, as they combine the virtues of being entertaining in their own right and also increasing your chances of winning something playing the slot. The first of these is activated when you get at least three duck, gopher or fish icons, and sees you choosing an iron, putter or driver club for the golfer – and you win a bonus prize based on the quality of his shot. The other bonus game is called Dollar Ball, and this gives you the chance to play for a progressive jackpot, as you choose any five numbers between 49 and 1, spin the reels, and win a payout based on how many of those numbers pop up on the reels. Between high quality graphics, two fun bonus games and a strong chance of winning something, it is no wonder that Golden Tour has scored a hole in one with golf fans. You can play these games and some of the other best mobile casinos at