Sean Connery learned to love golf during filming of ‘Goldfinger’

It’s been 50 years since the first James Bond film, and has put together a James Bond Fan Hub to look back at all of the movies. In Bob Westal’s review of “Goldfinger,” the third Bond film, he noted this interesting bit of trivia from the movie:

Though he claims to have seen the movie only twice — at the premiere and many years later at the urging of his daughter — Sean Connery owes his lifelong love of golf to the film’s lengthy golf game sequence.

The golf scene is quite lengthy in the movie, as films from the 1960s moved at a much slower pace. Above we have a slideshow of several photos from the film, with Bond taking a swing and two photos of Goldfinger. One with Bond and the other with super henchman Oddjob.


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