Taking that England golf trip

There’s so much to do in England that any tourist can get overwhelmed by the possibilities. For many golf fanatics, a trip to England and Scotland is at the very top of their list. Golfer fantasize about playing at St. Andrews and other iconic courses, though of course the fees are just incredible. Not everyone can afford it.

This time of year you can start thinking about your budget and possibly getting in a great trip to England. The airfares are certainly less. Of course the weather isn’t as cooperative, but you also avoid all the summer crowds.

Do some research and think about your trip and your options. For example, check out Leeds castle (pictured above) and consider the 9-hole golf course there. Also, you don’t have to plan your entire trip around golf. There is so much more to see and do in this spectacular country. The Brighton hotels for example should be a bargain this time of year in this seaside resort.

Of course you’ll want to go up to Scotland is you can swing it, and you’ll deals this time of year on hotels in Edinburgh so you can check out the castle.

The key is that you really don’t have to plan an entire trip around golf. Most golf fans appreciate beautiful scenery and history, and the UK offers so much in those areas.


Entertaining yourself on a rainy weekend

As we head into October, it’s becoming tougher to get those golf rounds in as we face more rainy days and rough weather. Pretty soon many of us will have the clubs packed up and will be dealing with snow.

Of course, that’s the time to start planning your golf trip. There are so many options out there, but for most guys you want other entertainment to go along with your golf activities, while others want something more relaxing. One of the most common activities includes gambling, so Las Vegas is a popular destination.

Of course, you’ll have to kill time now on the weekends while you wait for that trip. Fortunately, the NFL is back and you have college football as well. You can also entertain yourself on the web with sites like CasinoTopLists.com which points out sites where you don’t have to download software to play.


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