Several Key Players Sidelined and No One Seems to Notice

Tiger Woods has long been a staple of golf news. He has remained an enigma in spite of his incredible career and troublesome personal life, and because of this has continued to maintain the attention of golf fans and non-golf fans alike.

However, Tiger’s ability to draw a crowd has kept the spot light off a few other golfers. Recently, Woods injured his Achilles tendon while playing in Doral. After 11 holes, Woods withdrew leaving fans and sports casters alike holding their breaths – wondering whether Woods was suffering from a legitimate injury that would keep him sidelined for weeks or just a mild sprain. However, Woods’ injury is not the only one that has kept a golfer sidelined. A few other key players that will be sidelined for a few weeks due to injury include:

Paul Goydos

Goydos, who has spent 25 years on the PGA, will be out for three months. For most of his career, he has experienced pain in his left wrist, and will be reporting for surgery shortly to have a bone spur removed.

Lucas Glover

Glover will surely be seen donning a knee brace after a fall from a paddle board in Hawaii. A former U.S. Open champion, Glover has had to miss several big tournaments recently, including the San Diego and Pebble Beach, due to the injuries, and won’t be seen again until the Innisbrook Transitions Tournament.

David Toms

Toms withdrew from the recent Cadillac Championship alongside Tiger due to a back injury. Unfortunately, no one even seemed to notice or care that he was sidelined.

While Tiger is definitely a crowd pleaser, he is not the only player to be noticed on the course. Rory McIlory has taken the new number one spot, and hardly anyone has seemed to give him any attention due to Tiger’s injury. In fact, McIlory has been more than willing to come into the spot light and have a little fun with his new title, even sporting a Tennis racket with Maria Sharapova in front of thousands of adoring fans in Madison Square Garden.

The game may love Tiger, but it doesn’t need Tiger to remain interesting. So whether he rises or continues to smother himself out, keep your eyes on the course. There are several other players worth watching and taking notice of.


McIlroy vs Woods

Is there a new rivalry in golf? Rory McIlroy held off a charge from a rejuvenated Tiger Woods last weekend, and we might see this battle play out again and again. But time may be limited.

If only Rory McIlroy had been born 10 years earlier, or Tiger Woods a decade later.

What a rivalry they could’ve had, maybe up there with Jack and Arnie, Ali and Frazier, Federer and Nadal, Magic and Bird.

But Woods is 36 and up against the clock as he searches for the champion he once was; McIlroy is 14 years his junior, scratching the surface of his vast potential, safe in the knowledge that he has the next 20 years to get it right.

Their rivalry, then, may not have longevity on its side, but if Sunday’s unforgettable finish to the Honda Classic is any indication, it still may provide days that fathers will tell their sons about.

It wasn’t surprising that McIlroy — on a windy Sunday afternoon in South Florida — became the youngest No. 1 since Woods reached the top of the world rankings as a 21-year-old in 1997.

Given his prodigious talent, it was always going to be his fate.

But it was the way the curly-haired kid from Holywood — outside of Belfast — achieved his dream that was the stuff of Hollywood.

Tiger has dominated for so long, and his presence in a tournament completely altered the betting odds. Sure, you’ll check your sportsbook reviews and information about the course, but Tiger’s presence altered everything. Now with McIlroy we might have another game-changer on our hands.

It will be interesting to see if this is real or whether it’s a fluke. Tiger has been erratic, but if his game is coming back, he and McIlroy can at least start a great rivalry. How long it lasts is another story.


Tiger Woods is still a baby

Another press conference; another embarrassing performance by Tiger Woods. He’s not handling the new book from ex-swing coach Hank Haney very well.

Wednesday, at his press conference before the Honda Classic, Woods got downright pissy when GolfChannel’s Alex Miceli asked him about the excerpt’s statement that Woods had considered becoming a Navy SEAL at the height of his career.

First came the stare. Then the insistence that he’d already talked about everything in the book – perhaps referring to a January interview with where the word “unprofessional” first emerged. Then the frozen smile. “Is it in the book?” Woods asked twice. Then, muttering into the microphone, “You’re a beauty, you know that?” Finally, when Miceli pressed him to acknowledge that it was a fair question, that Woods and Steinberg had said the excerpts were untrue and so it was natural to ask about a specific claim, Woods stared again and said, “I don’t know,” and then added dismissively, “Have a good day.”

It was a remarkable performance by a man who stood before the cameras 24 months ago and said he would try to treat people better and be more humble.

It is amazing that in the 16 years since he burst into pro golf with the Nike-scripted declaration, “Hello, World,” Woods has not come to terms with the fact that people talk and write about him.

The guy needs to grow up.


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