Tiger Woods is still a baby

Another press conference; another embarrassing performance by Tiger Woods. He’s not handling the new book from ex-swing coach Hank Haney very well.

Wednesday, at his press conference before the Honda Classic, Woods got downright pissy when GolfChannel’s Alex Miceli asked him about the excerpt’s statement that Woods had considered becoming a Navy SEAL at the height of his career.

First came the stare. Then the insistence that he’d already talked about everything in the book – perhaps referring to a January interview with ESPN.com where the word “unprofessional” first emerged. Then the frozen smile. “Is it in the book?” Woods asked twice. Then, muttering into the microphone, “You’re a beauty, you know that?” Finally, when Miceli pressed him to acknowledge that it was a fair question, that Woods and Steinberg had said the excerpts were untrue and so it was natural to ask about a specific claim, Woods stared again and said, “I don’t know,” and then added dismissively, “Have a good day.”

It was a remarkable performance by a man who stood before the cameras 24 months ago and said he would try to treat people better and be more humble.

It is amazing that in the 16 years since he burst into pro golf with the Nike-scripted declaration, “Hello, World,” Woods has not come to terms with the fact that people talk and write about him.

The guy needs to grow up.


Newt Gingrich a member at Donald Trump Golf Club

Regardless of your politics, it’s always interesting to see which politicians are into golf. I have to admit Newt Gingrich is a surprise. I would pay to watch Newt and his belly try to swing a golf club.

I mention this because Donald Trump mentioned today that Newt is a member of of Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

When real estate mogul Donald Trump welcomes former speaker Newt Gingrich to Trump Tower today, he will not only be welcoming another presidential candidate, but also a member of his exclusive golf club in Northern Virginia.

“I have a lot of respect for Newt,” Trump said. “Newt’s a member, so I love my members. I always love my members.”

Trump National is a prestigious club for high rollers, so perhaps this isn’t a surprise. Newt likes to spend the millions he makes from his cronies.


Steve Williams keeps saying stupid things

Ever since Tiger Woods let him go, caddie Steve Williams keeps putting his foot in his mouth. His latest gaffe seems particularly stupid, even if it was at a private event.