Tips to help you plan your boys golfing holiday


Golf is a popular sport and golfing holidays are a great way of combining a relaxing break with a sporting activity. To ensure that a golfing trip goes well you need to plan ahead. Brochures and websites can look very appealing, but as with any other holiday you need to have done your homework before you commit to a booking.

A golfing holiday can be a good way of trying out a range of golf courses, but choosing just which golf courses can be difficult. This is where a good golf tour operator can be helpful. They will have helped many people to book their golfing holidays and so will have a good idea of which golf courses are popular and why. You might also know friends who have been on golfing holidays and they will be able to tell you which golf courses they found difficult or easy and which ones they found the most enjoyable. If you have golfers on the trip with a range of abilities, you should check if the courses will be suitable for golfers of all standards, or alternatively if there is the option of several golf courses with some that would suit those golfers who are less experienced. If the group consists of experienced golfers only then you may want to go for a championship course that will really challenge their skills.

If you are arranging a trip for a group of men then it is a good idea to check if you can get any discounts or special deals. You might be able to get some extra rounds or other special offers. The weather is also an important consideration. In the UK, rain can frequently stop play, but even abroad this can be a problem. Playing in the blazing hot sun may not be ideal either.

If you are new to organizing golf breaks it can be a good idea to go for a golf package. With a golf package all the details will have been arranged for you, so you simply decide where you want to go and when. You may also find that booking a golf package is a good way of saving money rather than booking everything separately. You should try to book your golfing holiday as early as possible to ensure that you can get the tee times that you want. Again, you might be able to save money by booking early.

Going abroad for a golf trip can combine a fantastic holiday with some great sporting activities. Countries such as Portugal offer fantastic golf courses located in beautiful scenery. Golf holidays in Portugal can offer stunning scenery, luxurious resorts and fantastic cuisine. With 5-star resorts just 20 minutes from Lisbon they are easy to reach and have championship level courses that will challenge even the most experienced golfer.

If you are planning to go abroad on a golfing holiday then look out for special deals on flights, or group discounts. Staying on the golf resort can be expensive, but for a special trip it is worth it. Consider hiring equipment at the golf course as this may not be as expensive as you think and means you do not have to take your own clubs with you.

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